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Five Greatest Scientists of Water Resources

Cover Feature: Five Greatest Scientists of Water Resources 

The study of water resources can be divided into multiple categories. But broadly, the subject of water resources can be subdivided into three parts: 
  1. Hydrology(Science of water after precipitation), 
  2. Groundwater(the science of water below the surface), and 
  3. Hydraulics(the science of water above the surface). 

The interconnection of Hydrology, Groundwater, and Hydraulics is what makes the subject so interesting.

Initial works by some esteemed engineers of yesteryears induced rapid but sustainable development in the field of water resources. 

This post has tried to honor those "Heroes"s for whom we can ensure at least a glass of water for most of the citizens of the World.

Henry Philibert Gaspard Darcy
The inventor of Darcy–Weisbach equation 

Robert E. Horton
The developer of Horton's Equation

J. E. (Eamonn) Nash
He developed the Instant Unit Hydrograph (IUH) Method

Pierre Perrault,
He was regarded as one of the developers of the Hydrological Cycle concept.

Daniel Bernoulli
Proposer of Bernoulli's Equation which governs the conversion of water head into the flow.

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1)Application of "Novel Approach to Imprecise Assessment and Decision Environment(NADE)" in the Water and Energy Sector
2)Application of Bull optimization algorithm or Elephant herding optimization (EHO) algorithm in the optimal allocation of water resources in education institute
3)Risk analysis for non-inclusion of sustainability procurement criteria in the tenders issued from educational institutes.
4)Development of Smart Village including the application of optimal procedures to achieve Sustainable Development Goal.


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