Sunday, January 17, 2021

First issue of Research Meth : About Research Methodology is launched today


The first issue of the Research Meth Newsletters launched. It is the mouthpiece from EIS Publishers

The draft content is as follows :

How to write a research paper?

Know how to write acceptable and easy to read research papers.

How to read a book/research paper/newspaper quickly?

Backside reading is the fastest way you can read a non-fiction book or newspaper or a research paper.

Three points for writing a good research paper

Three major points must be considered at the time of writing and submitting a research paper.

How to learn MS Excel without any tutor and without any money?

Bookmarks on tutorials of MS Excel all free.

Tutorial: Outlier Detection

A simple explanation of Outlier Detection.

Tutorial: Auto and Cross-Correlation

Both of these two concepts are the basis of data science.

Webware: Journal Suitability Indicator

A simple tool to compare the article suitability towards a specific journal.

The newsletter can be downloaded or viewed by clicking here.