Saturday, January 16, 2021

First issue of Research Meth : About Research Methodology is launched today


The first issue of the Research Meth Newsletters launched. It is the mouthpiece from EIS Publishers

The draft content is as follows :

How to write a research paper?

Know how to write acceptable and easy to read research papers.

How to read a book/research paper/newspaper quickly?

Backside reading is the fastest way you can read a non-fiction book or newspaper or a research paper.

Three points for writing a good research paper

Three major points must be considered at the time of writing and submitting a research paper.

How to learn MS Excel without any tutor and without any money?

Bookmarks on tutorials of MS Excel all free.

Tutorial: Outlier Detection

A simple explanation of Outlier Detection.

Tutorial: Auto and Cross-Correlation

Both of these two concepts are the basis of data science.

Webware: Journal Suitability Indicator

A simple tool to compare the article suitability towards a specific journal.

The newsletter can be downloaded or viewed by clicking here.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Call for Special issue in the International Journal of Hydro-climatic Engineering(IJHCE)

A new call for special issue is announced today from the International Journal of Hydro-climatic Engineering(IJHCE).

The special issue deals with the minimization of climatic impact on water and water based energy systems. The issue invites new and original manuscripts which are not published till now for submission in the journal if the manuscript relates with the journal special issue.

The special issue will mainly deal with the climatic impact minimization study which employs soft computation techniques to provide solution to the industrial,agricultural as well as domestic consumers.

Articles having significant societal impact has a greater chance of selection. All the articles will be peer reviewed.

Tentative deadline of submission is 15th May 2018.

Link :

Mrinmoy Majumder
Founding Editor of :
Methods of doing research
Utilize Optimally : Learn about Optimization by Soft-computation
Water based Renewable Energies
Call for Papers Special Issue
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Concept of Auto and Cross Correlation

Auto Correlation is defined as the correlation between two adjacent data series of one single time series. High values of Auto Correlation Coefficient will indicate high degree of secular or sequential trends where as cross correlation which is the same for two different time series indicate the impact of one time series on another.

Both of this are important and is one of the prerequisite of developing a numerical model.

Below is an introductory presentation of the data analysis techniques which can be watched online or downloaded free.

Auto Correlation and Cross Correlation by Mrinmoy Majumder

Methods of doing research
Utilize Optimally : Learn about Optimization by Soft-computation
Water based Renewable Energies
Call for Papers Special Issue
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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Identification of a research topic from your expertise as well as interest

Finding a research topic is not an easy task.

Again if a suitable topic is not identified the success of research career become "fuzzy".

However there is a method which can help identify a topic which is from the researcher's domain of learning but which also ignites the passion required to pursue a research career dedicated to this topic.

The link below leads to the presentation which tries to describe the method.

(Please note this is a method proposed by the author and it may work for someone and may not work for the others but if even few of the researchers get benefited the author will take the project as a success.)

View the link :

Writing a Research Article within a Short time

The success in publications corroborates to the accomplishments in a research career. 

But for this attainment, a researcher has to publish quality articles which is in demand for the targeted population. 

Preparation of article is not an easy task but involves a lot of hard work and investment of time.

That is why,finding a way to write an article, within a short span of time is a much sought after topic of discussion among the interested population.

Although there is many method of writing a research article but here, the following presentation, highlights a new method of doing the same thing but by investing a very small but dedicated amount of time.

Monday, August 13, 2012

International Journal of Agro-Optimization Call for Paper

The International Journal of Agro-Optimization publishes peer reviewed papers from the field of optimization,simulation and decision making research in agriculture,forestry,irrigation and agro-machinization concepts.The journal accepts case-studies,review article,technical note and paper reviews highlighting the innovative and justified application of different informatics for identification of optimality in the interrelationships between related parameters to solve various problems regularly encountered by the agriculture engineers and farmers.

Objective: The journal aims to become a platform of decimation for the ingenious and macro-cosmic activities of the scientists and researchers of agro-optimization domain.The journal will encourage novel but simple applications of present day computational tools and systems to solve extremely convoluted  perplexed.Journal believe in solutions which are cheap, feasible and possible.That is why, it will try to exhilarate the submissions which follows the common goal of providing a practical solution to multifarious challenges.

Publication Frequency : The journal publishes one printed version annually but updates its published article database regularly with the approved articles.

Indexed in : The journal is presently indexed in Google Scholar and Cite U Like.As this is a new journal presently we have no impact factors to boast of.But with quality submissions and honest review methods we hope one day our journal can become a part of the avant-garde.

Review Process : Anonymous reviews by three experts from relevant fields are conducted before approval of the article for publication in the journal.But the entire process of submission,review and decision takes only 37 days to complete.That is why within a month(nearly) authors can receive a conclusive decision regarding the submitted paper.

Subject Coverage :

1.Decision Science
3.Electrical Machines
5.Irrigation and Agronomy
7.Climate Change
8.Numerical Hydrology

Relevant Topics :

1.Simulation,Prediction works in Agriculture,Irrigation,Harvesting,
2.Water Yield and Water Scarcity,
3.Impact of Climate Change on agriculture and irrigation
4.Impact of Soil Texture and Characteristic on agriculture and irrigation
5.Application of Electronics in agro-optimization
6.Robots in agriculture and irrigation
7.Groundwater and crop yield
8.Watershed management
9.Different methods to optimize and stimulate crop yield.
10.Decesion making algorithms in agriculture and irrigation
11.Hydrologic and Hydraulic Optimization.

Note :

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. (Conference papers may only be submitted if they were not originally copyrighted and if they have been completely re-written.)

Submit your manuscript in