Friday, August 18, 2017

Concept of Auto and Cross Correlation

Auto Correlation is defined as the correlation between two adjacent data series of one single time series. High values of the Auto Correlation Coefficient will indicate a high degree of secular or sequential trends whereas cross-correlation which is the same for two different time series indicates the impact of one time series on another.

Both of this is important and is one of the prerequisites of developing a numerical model.

Below is an introductory presentation of the data analysis techniques which can be watched online or downloaded free.

Auto Correlation and Cross Correlation by Mrinmoy Majumder

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Identification of a research topic from your expertise as well as interest

Finding a research topic is not an easy task.

Again if a suitable topic is not identified the success of research career become "fuzzy".

However there is a method which can help identify a topic which is from the researcher's domain of learning but which also ignites the passion required to pursue a research career dedicated to this topic.

The link below leads to the presentation which tries to describe the method.

(Please note this is a method proposed by the author and it may work for someone and may not work for the others but if even few of the researchers get benefited the author will take the project as a success.)

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Writing a Research Article within a Short time

The success in publications corroborates to the accomplishments in a research career. 

But for this attainment, a researcher has to publish quality articles which is in demand for the targeted population. 

Preparation of article is not an easy task but involves a lot of hard work and investment of time.

That is why,finding a way to write an article, within a short span of time is a much sought after topic of discussion among the interested population.

Although there is many method of writing a research article but here, the following presentation, highlights a new method of doing the same thing but by investing a very small but dedicated amount of time.