Saturday, September 11, 2021

Article Evaluation Indicator

Any research article is required to be the output of critical thinking which involves the use of sources to be credible and meet academic research standards.

To evaluate the suitability of an article for possible publication in a peer-reviewed journal/monographs the following factors is required to be rated critically : 


  1. Number of Literatures cited from last three years?


  1. Number of Keywords that matches with the Journal Keywords?
  2. Number of references used in the article are from the selected journal?
  3. Number of Words in the Article that matches with Journal Keyword?

Purpose :
  1. Number of references used in the article are from SCI/Scopus indexed Journals
  2. Matching Percentage of the targetted reader of the Journal and the desired audience of the article?

  1. Number of Data Source cited in the article?
  2. Percentage of words that have no spelling mistake?

  1. Percentage of Not-Duplicate Words(Plagiarism)?

The AEI V1.0 will rate an article based on the above factors and indicate the suitability of the article for possible publication in the selected Journal.

This Web app has two page

Page 1: About your Article page where you have to enter some information related to your article and the selected journal

Page 2: This is the result page that gives the result of your article evaluation and if you have selected more than one journal for your article then it also identifies the best journal for your article.


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